Natural Parks And Protected Areas In India

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India has some of the most exotic and fantastic wildlife found anywhere in the world. The nation has taken great effort to protect its beautiful animals, and many national parks have been created throughout the country.

Many people in the West are familiar with the famous Ranthambore National Park and its amazing tigers seen on numerous PBS programs. However, India has many other national parks that harbor abundant wildlife.

Jim Corbett National Park was the first national park created in India. This park is located in the northern part of the country just west of Nepal. The park (more…)

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Do Indian Animals Have Any Protection?

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India is a nation with some of the most beautiful wild animals in the world. Most of the remaining wild tigers in the world reside in Indian national parks. The nation of India is committed to protecting wild animals and domestic animals as well.

In 1960, the Indian government passed the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. According to the provisions of this act, cruelty is defined as beating, torturing or causing unnecessary pain to any animal. In addition, animals were to be properly housed, feed and administered (more…)

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The Threatened Species Native To India

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The thought of threatened species from India usually invokes fond memories from the zoo of massive elephants, Asiatic lions and fierce tigers. However, these animals are not threatened; they are endangered. The difference between threatened species and endangered species is slim, but it is there for a reason. Endangered species have a higher chance of becoming extinct before threatened species, though this does not mean that threatened animals are in the clear.

As of 2007 there are only 5 threatened species recognized by India’s government. Those animals are Kashmir stags, khurs, blackbucks, red foxes and leopards. (more…)

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5 Unique Animals of India You Never Knew Existed

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Unless you get access to some of the most in-depth nature and animal channels from places like directvis an exceptionally good chance you have never even heard of some of these creatures. You won’t believe what you hear when you read about these rare, unique and fantastical creatures:

Purple Frog
Discovered in 2003 in the Western Ghats region of India, this creature is pretty straightforward – it’s purple and it’s a frog. Seriously, though, this frog is unique, living 13 feet underground and possessing an oddly endearing bloated, round body that tapirs into a snubbed nose.

Slender loris
Found in Sri Lanka, this nocturnal primate is notable for being the size of a human thumb. You read right – this teeny, tiny primate is no bigger than your thumb and prefers the safety and shelter of thorny vegetation.

Cantor’s Giant Soft Shelled Turtle
One look at this creature and you’ll swear somebody ran over a turtle! This turtle is notable, if nothing else, for its severely flattened appearance. Rest assured, though, these creatures are meant to look this way and enjoy a home on land unlike their sea turtle relatives.

Giant Coconut Crab
Imagine a 3 foot, 40 pound land crab and then imagine having them knock over your garbage cans every night. These enormous crustaceans are large and in charge but are no more dangerous than any other crab and, much like their name implies, they prefer eating coconuts.

Lion-tailed Macaque
If you ever find yourself in India and you think you’ve seen a lion’s tail, look again – you may have seen the telltale sign of a lion-tailed macaque. These highly intelligent monkeys are a rare sight to behold with their lavish tails and wild, lion-like mane.

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Animals That Are Native To India

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India is known for its diversity of beautiful wildlife animals. It is also known for being home to some of the rarest creatures. The country is home to many national parks as well as wildlife sanctuaries. These parks and sanctuaries are designed to keep the animals safe from poachers. The Indian culture respects all forms of wildlife and does everything they can to protect the species they have. These following animals are native to India.

The black buck is also known as an antelope. The antelope mostly resides in India but small groups can also be found in Nepal (more…)

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How Habitats Are Being Threatened In India

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The biggest impact on animal habitats are humans. We are constantly expanding our cities and homes into wildlife territories. Even though there are several wildlife refuges in India, the biggest threat is the population explosion over the past 100 years. There is just not enough room for people to have large, sprawling cities surrounded by vast acreages of farming land and for the animals to have enough room to roam freely.

Many areas of India have dense populations making animal/human interaction more common. The animals are not necessarily seeking humans out, (more…)

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Poisonous Animals That Are Found In India

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India, like many other areas of the world has its own share of poisonous animals, and while they might not be as infamous a group as Australia’s poisonous creatures, there are definitely a few to take note of.

Perhaps the most notorious of India’s poisonous animals are venomous snakes, with the iconic cobras taking centre stage. Growing up to 20 feet in length, the King Cobra is one of the most imposing serpents in the world (more…)

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Animals That Are Transplants To India

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Over six percent of all known wildlife has been documented in India, but much of it is threatened with extinction in part due to alien plants and animals being introduced to the region.

Domestic Cats are not native to India and were first introduced by Egyptians in 3000 B.C.

The Giant African Snail was brought in during World War II as a source of protein. It wrecks havoc on farms, gardens, broad leaf forests and grasslands.

Tilapia was introduced into the pond ecosystem in 1952. The fish (more…)

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